Stuck in disempowering patterns, beliefs, and relationships? It’s all about becoming aware of your deeper story.

Oftentimes, our deeper stories are discovered by becoming aware of our inconsistencies, our limiting beliefs, our self-sabotaging, and our judgmental behaviors.

They’re found in the contradictions between what we say we want — and…

Do your relationships need a little TLC? Here’s the unexpected starting point of an iconic relationship.

The origins of every iconic relationship will always be rooted in your relationship with yourself.

That’s why the first iconic relationship you need to create is with you. Here’s how:

Start Building An Iconic Relationship With Yourself

The relationship you develop…

Stuck in that victim mentality? Learn to identify the negative thoughts patterns and emotions that keep you stuck, so you can finally move forward.

Whether you tend toward a victim or victor mindset, it’s crucial to understand where your mindset comes from.

A victim mindset, for example, is tied to…

Self-acceptance is the key. Ready to experience all the beautiful effects of finally accepting yourself? Start here.

True self-acceptance means being able to accept yourself whole-heartedly and with joy — even when you make a mistake.

And it’s not always easy.

But I can promise you one thing — it’s…

Are you setting healthy boundaries — or unhealthy boundaries? Here’s how to tell the difference.

Healthy and empowering boundaries are about honoring your truth and your voice.

They’re about creating and holding space.

They’re a sign that you’re so sure of who you are that no one has the ability…

Ready to tap into your inner icon? Here are 10 elements of an iconic woman that can help you look beyond a good life to access a great one.

An iconic woman enjoys a life filled with wins — big and small — every day.

Why? She lives in alignment…

Here’s why I believe this small-town girl is actually an icon — and YOU are, too.

Today, I’m on a mission — a mission to challenge the common idea of what it means to be an icon.

That’s right. I want to challenge you to rethink what you’ve accepted, what…

Are your thoughts dragging you down? Learn how to love your own company by choosing the quality of your thoughts.

What if your thoughts could actually improve the quality of your day?

What if the act of choosing your thoughts could reduce your stress levels and improve your attitude?


Reacting vs. responding — we strive for it every day. Here’s how to create outcomes you can be proud of by choosing to respond.

When we meet a situation that triggers or activates us, we have two choices — and each choice will create a different outcome.

We can either…

Melissa Hull

Melissa Hull Global Media CEO • International Speaker • Story Coach • Show Host • Author on Child Loss

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